Getting a 2nd Opinion

Always get a 2nd opinion on:

  • Home Repairs
  • Home Remodeling Projects
  • Home Improvement Questions

Why is getting a 2nd opinion so important?

For most families, home ownership means taking care of your investment and creating a loving environment. Whether you need repairs or want to remodel make sure you choose a contractor wisely (See my blog, “How to Pick the Right Contractor”). For a simple repair, someone could charge you thousands of dollars and end up doing more than needs to be done or not fixing the problem at all. Getting another opinion,  can save you BIG BUCKS plus end up with the BEST solution! A win-win!

Why choose Gosser Construction?

Mike Gosser has worked in the remodeling business for 40+ years and can troubleshoot any type of repair. As an expert contractor, Mike uses problem solving skills to seek the very best solution and materials that will LAST with a competitive rate.

Learn more about Mike Gosser, please visit our “About Us” page.

“I was having water getting inside my building and had a few estimates that were coming in  at several thousands of dollars! I called Mike to get an opinion because I trust his experience and knowledge in remodeling and home repairs. Mike advised me to investigate the parapet coping/caps because he believed that was where the water’s point of entry -was. It turned out, Mike was exactly right! Thanks to Mike Gosser’s hands on experience, he saved me thousands of dollars on the fix!” -Pat from Chicago, IL

If you need a 2nd opinion on ANY type of home repair, call Mike Gosser at 847-322-2059 or visit our “Contact Us” page.