Mike Gosser Q & A

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The following are site visitor questions that Mike Gosser, the owner of Gosser Construction Co., has answered. Feel free to submit your home and remodeling questions by filling out the form to the right and we will provide an answer as soon as we can.

1. How do I know I am choosing a reputable contractor and have a good carpenter or handyman on my job?
Answer – Get local referrals. If that contractor has a business in your community or nearby he has a reputation to protect. Even more so, in todays economy.

2. Should I request a contract when I am having work done on my house, even for a small job?
Answer – Yes. Even if its a small job you should have a written contract. With as much detail as possible, so you both understand each others expectations. Its so easy to loose this with a verbal contract , or by memory
. Always have the contractor send or email a certificate of insurance which shows working mans compensation. Its only a phone call for the contractor to his insurance Co.

3. How do I know when I need a handyman or a carpenter on the job.
Answer – You need to ask the handyman whether he has had any experience doing ” this kind of work”. And ask if he has any kind of supervision to over see him. Gosser Remodeling offers handyman service with supervision, if needed.

4. Kitchen makeover – Kitchen remodeling does not need to be a very expensive project. You usually can keep the cabinet boxes and just change the doors, drawer fronts and hardware, maybe new counters and faucet, maybe a new floor for a fraction for what it cost to do a complete kitchen remodeling. You would be very surprised at the outcome. See my blog and post ” CHEAP AND EASY KITCHEN REMODELING”

5. Is there any regular maintenance I should be doing to protect my home investment?
Answer – Yes. Besides your cleaning and inspection of your HVAC systems. You Should check your gutters, especially if you have a lot of trees nearby. Once you have determined the conditions of your gutters in spring and fall than you can determine if you need to be on a regular maintenance schedule. You should also check the chimney, and most important the chimney cap. If you notice any cracks on the cap and any deterioration of the brick you should have it inspected. ( Gosser Remodeling offers this inspection as a free service ) And always look around for any water damage or black deterioration on the siding, and or any other exterior parts of your home. This cold be a sign of mold growing. ( This is also a free inspection )

6. Windows – What are the best windows to purchase for my home. Vinyl, metal or wood?
Answer – According to Consumer digest vinyl windows are not meant for cold northern climates. By design they can’t really insulate very well. I always recommend a wood window with a clad exterior that you don’t have to paint or worry about rotting. Not only do they insulate well but they also soundproof well. ( Call for more details )

7. How to keep the cost down when remodeling a bathroom
Answer – Try to keep the tub! You can re glaze them! Keep tile work simple. Some of the most beautiful tile work I have seen is very simple. Try to stay away from trends. Traditional styles with some modern trends seem to work best and never go out of style. ( Call Gosser Remodeling for a bath quote and good design ideas )