A Starter Tool List

written by: Mike Gosser

Lets talk tools.


First things first, safety is Job #1. Always follow the manufacture’s safety guidelines.

If you want to build up your own tool collection, let me tell you about my own tools. I divided my approach toward tools into three categories: storage, tool pouch, and a starter tool set. A tool pouch is a great way to carry your tools with you.

1. WHAT MY TOOL STORAGE LOOKS LIKE – I personally like having three storage items. A good quality canvas bag, metal tool box and a tool belt. I like a single pouch tool belt versus a double because I can fit everything I need; what I call the absolutes, in the one pouch. I also enjoy the freedom of movement with one pouch, especially if I am climbing up a ladder or if I need to access pant pockets. Carpenters who build homes have a better use for a double pouch, but for home repairs and/or remodeling, a single pouch works just fine. Keep in mind, when picking the right tool belt, you first need to select the tools you will carry, then you should look for a pouch that best fits those tools.

2. WHAT MY TOOL POUCH TOOLS LOOKS LIKE – Well balance hammer  (feels comfortable when you hold it and swing it), torpedo level, speed square, scribe (also known as compass), 5 in 1 screw driver, cold chisel, 3/4″ & 1/4″ wood chisels, two nail sets (one small point and one medium point), scratch awl, 30 foot tape with a 3″ body (for easier inside measurements), razor knife, wire cutter, small nail puller and a 1″ putty knife.

3. WHAT MY STARTER TOOL SET LOOKS LIKE – Beyond the tool belt tools, a circular saw, drill (motor), a set of each; speed bore set and twist drill set, 2′ level, 25′ & 50′ extension cords, a set of both metric and american standard socket sets, open end wrenches, 6″ & 8″ adjustable wrenches, 10″ & 14″ pipe wrenches and a small and large channel lock.

Don’t forget! Safety is job #1. Always read and follow the safety instructions that come with your tools and equipment. It’s very important to wear protective clothing, eye and face protection and utilize safety equipment. The misuse of tools is unforgiving!

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Next week I will discuss doors and door installations.